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Judge Judy Heartthrob Concert Chaos! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) The birthday party of a nine-year-old child culminates in an alleged assault, an intense feud between mothers, and accusations of bullying.
TMZ (HD, New, TV-PG) The companion to popular website presents the latest news and gossip about celebrities' lives, including births, deaths, couplings and breakups.
Fox 4 News at 4AM (New) Updates on local, state and national news get presented by the FOX4 Morning News Team, along with traffic reports and the region's weekly weather forecasts.
FOX 4 News at 4:30AM (New) The news team presents the latest headline news from around the community, along with weather conditions, traffic reports and more.
FOX 4 News at 5AM (New) The FOX 4 News Team presents a comprehensive examination of the major local, regional, state and national news events along with weather and traffic updates.
Family Ties Love Me Do (TV-PG) The Keaton family breathes a sigh of relief when Skippy becomes romantically involved with a girl for the first time in his life, falling for Mallory's friend.
Family Ties The Visit (TV-PG) Elyse's sister arranges to visit and arrives on the doorstep of the Keaton household with the rest of her family accompanying her.
Growing Pains The Love Song of M. Aaron Seaver (TV-G) As the Seaver family preparing for a bowling match against a rivaling family, Mike plans to be with a girl, instead of helping his family secure a victory.
Growing Pains First Blood (TV-G) Jason becomes unhappy with Ben's hockey coach when he begins teaching his team how to win at all costs by playing dirty; Mike learns how to dance.
The Partridge Family They Shoot Managers, Don't They? (TV-G) Ruben meets a young woman and he has strong feelings for her, but she has one condition in order for her to agree to marry him, which is to quit his job.
The Partridge Family Partridge Up a Pair Tree (TV-G) Keith gets his hands on a new car but it's a piece of junk, and he keeps spending his money to restore it and make his car payments at the same time.
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The FBI Files Held for Ransom (HD, TV-14) The daughter of a Texas millionaire was kidnapped while on her way to school and the distraught father arranges to deliver the ransom.
The FBI Files Lawless (HD, TV-14) FBI investigators examine the scene of a shootout with police and discover the fingerprints of a convicted bank robber.
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